Receptive Language Test

Test Design of the CYCLE-R

The CYCLE-R consists of a large set of subtests, each focusing on a specific semantic, syntactic, or morphological structure. The tester can administer entire levels of subtests or may administer those sets of subtests that target specific structures, such as pronouns, prepositions, word order, INFL, or sentences with embeddings to examine particular areas of the grammar in depth.

CYCLE-R Features:
  1. Simple tasks: Pointing tasks or simple manipulation of objects
  2. Clear, simple to interpret pictures
  3. Control of chance:
    1. Each feature or structure is tested a number of times (5-10)
    2. Extralinguistic and redundant linguistic cues are largely eliminated
    3. Decoy or Foil pictures are carefully designed

CYCLE-R Administration

In the CYCLE-R the examiner generally reads a test sentence aloud and the subject is to follow the instructions. In most cases the subject is to point to the picture or item in the CYCLE-R picture book indicated by the test sentence. Other tests require object manipulation.